Video editing with Final Cut Pro X

Transfer your memories to digital

Even in this age of digital photos and videos there are still family archives in the loft which have not been seen for a long time. Don’t throw them away, transfer your memories to digital so that you can see them once again on a computer, DVD reader, electronic frame or telephone. You could also share them with your family and your friends.

And it is possible to correct them.

If your paper photos or slides have lost a little color, we can correct them. If your videos are too long, they can be edited, reduced down to a more palatable length, combined with other media and transferred to You Tube or Facebook to be shared with your friends and family. Anything is possible in digital.

Souvenir Editing


Event Editing

Souvenir family editing is about retaining really what is important whether it be the places visited, the people or events. Often it is about summarizing camcorder recordings which were often very long.

Ask us about reduction editing to summarize years of film in just one hour therefore adding value to your film and presenting it as something much more enjoyable. Offer a souvenir edit to your family or friends as a birthday present.

Event editing may be about editing film relating to events which may last anything from two hours to 2 days. Such an edit may be about summarizing but also creating interest. Typically by using different angles from different cameras.

Here are a few examples of event edits such as a musical, theater productions and street animation.

Our editing services allow several people to film your event and take the hassle out of the editing which can often be a long and detailed process.

Below are a couple of examples of our work, the first a documentary lasting an hour taken from twenty hours of film, a simple capture of an event and thirdly a digital CV for a local actress.

Remise des prix Reporter et Citoyen

Esperance de Vie – film semi-documentaire

Vanessa MARILLIER Archives théâtre 1998 2008

Montage de compilation Vanessa Marillier.