Reduction editing

Reduction Editing – ten hours of film summarized in an hour

Summarize ten hours of film in less than one hour


Reduction editing is about reducing perhaps 10 hours of film to one hour or less. Watching ten hours of film is of course possible, but it is nice to have a shorter version that can be watched easily.

Reduction editing is about time-slicing to remove the poorer quality source and reduce the length of scenes. Often it is a question of focusing on people, not leaving anyone out, without slash and burn, taking care to maintain a coherent and agreeable film to watch. It might be about keeping each place visited on holday, but reducing the time spent in each.

It might also be about making more dynamic souvenir: the shot of the church may only need 7 seconds, not 3 minutes. We determine together the approach that you would like to take.

Domain and scope of reduction editing


Reduction editing is often appropriate subsequent to transfer, particularly of magnetic tapes often filmed long such as VHS, Hi8 and DV since these are formats where people often filmed long sequences. Perhaps you filmed the whole of Christmas, the birth of your eldest, family meals which lasted a long time, the wedding and party which lasted two days.

Reduction editing is a way of creating a valuable souvenir of an event, of your holidays, sometimes even summaries of whole lives.

It is possible to edit based not only on long sources but also using multiple sources such as mixing DV, VHS and Hi8 sources together or where different people have filmed the same event on different cameras.

Differences with other types of edit


Reduction editing is about reducing long source to a shorter final edit (between 1 and 60 minutes)

Reduction editing is not a photo montage (stringing photos together) which is about assembling and possibly animating photos, adding music and sometimes text commentary as subtitles.

Reduction editing is not a compilation edit which is about stringing together video. For instance we worked for the John Fogerty fan club in order to assemble choice recordings from the artist?s long career and to create theme DVDs based on fan knowledge.

Reduction editing is 2D not 3D For us, a reduction edit is about working on the content, doing a linear edit and not about special effects. A reduction edit for us is about working on the content

Possible themes for a reduction edit


A reduction edit can easily be used as a technique for editing recordings of events such as wedding, baptism or a play.

Editing recording of plays

Editing for the recording of a play is not strictly a reduction edit. The default approach to editing a theater recording is generally to retain the full length and swop between best multi-cam shots. But there are still choices to be made as to which is the best shot to retain.
However, a reduction edit may be used to create a teezer or summary of the play.

Edits for weddings

A wedding edit is a typical reduction edit because it may last up to two days including the religious service, the town hall, the meal and party afterwards and possibly people may come back the next day. The final result is much shorter, generally in the ratio 10 to 1. The most appropriate edit for a wedding is generally to create a one hour souvenir edit to create a great souvenir of your wedding. The final result is a summary or souvenir edit.

Editing your baptism film

A baptism edit may often just be the religious service but there may also be a meal and a party afterwards A reduction edit is a good solution because there may well be many hours of tape which can be reduced to a great one hour souvenir. If there is a party too, a reduction edit may be required (souvenir 1 hr)

Souvenir, Summary or Teezer


Film editing

Film editing is similar to reduction editing because you may have a lot of rush and you end up throwing much away. The difference however is that a film is filmed on purpose, shots are planned.

However the difference between a typical reduction edit and film editing is that the target of reduction editing is to edit à posteriori, when the film exists already and we want to make it watchable.

You film we edit

You can film your event even with several cameras and allow us to do the editing if you can?t or don?t want to do the reduction edit yourself. You can provide us with multiple long tapes or digital source and we will do the reduction editing for you.

The Teezer (1 minute)

What is the process for a Teezer?

A teaser is created by cutting into scenes, selecting and marking the best bits and cut together into a short film lasting 1 minute.

Where a summary edit aims to retain significant and representative content whereas the teezer can only show flashes and cannot summarise in the same way. A teezer is designed to attract attention, to make the public want to watch the full length film ?

A “real” teezer is filmed intentionally

A teezer after transfer is rare

The souvenir edit (1 hour)
Obviously there are fewer choices involved in one hour souvenir edit than in a ten minute summary edit or teezer. However the objective is not the same. A summary edit aims to compile the best key moments and be representative of the whole story. It is therefore important to retain the best sequences.

A summary edit can be offered as a birthday present We have already built a one hour souvenir edit which summarises eighteen years in one hour based on fifteen hours of tape.

The approach here is really to select the most important moments.

The Summary edit (10 minutes)

Between a Teezer and a Souvenir Edit (1 hour)

If you have ten hours of analogue or digital tape and you would like a summary or souvenir edit, here’s what we will do:

First, we will compile everything into one digital stream or on a series of DVDs and get you to watch it all. We ask you to watch everything, to note all the bits that are important to you and those that are less important. You could note all the important passages on a grid.

Once we have fully understood what you want to achieve, we cut your film on your digital editing platform and then export it for you to watch and comment. It can go back into editing a second or third time depending on your comments, perhaps there are bits left out or it doesn?t hold together.

We then go through your notes together, look at what it important for you and discuss your objectives. We sit down to discuss your objectives and our recommendations.

Once you are happy, the edit will be burnt to DVD, onto You Tube, hard disk or key according to your needs..

The cost

In general the cost of a reduction edit is based on time spent. The greater the reduction factor, the higher the cost because more time is spent making the required choices.

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