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Contact Media Memory to transfer your analogue video and audio tapes, slides or photos to digital format.  Whether Super 8, VHS, Hi8, DV, audio cassettes, reel to reel or dictaphone tapes.

We also edit digital media captured or original, to cut out the bad bits, consolidate, summarize, shorten and generally improve them.

10 bis La Croix Percée,
56400 Pluneret,
Morbihan, France
+33 2 97 24 86 18

Map of Media Memory

MJL Vidéo is now Media Memory

Logo MJL video

Media Memory is the new name for MJL Video, digital transfer and video editing company based in Brittany since 2009.

Find me here on Linked In and connect with other members of my network which includes translators, local contacts and further afield persons in blue-chip companies in France and abroad.

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