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Conversion of digital video and audio

Conversion of video and audio


We deal with many sources that are already digital. For instance we capture data from old hard disks, zip drives, floppy disks, and DAT drives. Our motivation is to retain valuable data sources for people. If you have data, images, documents on storage formats that you no longer have the hardware to read, we can help you.

Don’t throw away those old formats, send them to us for retrieval and we will send you back your data files on USB key, via a transfer service, on DVD, CD or hard disk as appropriate. If you have deleted data from an old hard disk or SD card, we can run retrieval software to get the data back.

You can provide us with video or audio in any format and we can convert it to any other. Example: conversion of a MOV file to DVD, or a DVD to Microsoft AVI.

We normally supply your Super 8 recordings on DVD or USB key in MPEG2 format.

However we can also supply them in MOV or AVI format on a hard disk.

Similarly for audio, we can convert Audio CDs to WAV or MP3 and similarly for your sound recordings typically recorded in WAV format we can supply them also in MP3.

We usually scan slides in TIF format but can supply them either in TIF or compressed JPG format.

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