Duplication of a DVD

Duplication of a DVDPerhaps you just require small quantities or backup copies of your DVDs. You may want to offer a second copy to a friend or family member, or just simply have a safe copy to store away and keep clean.

Duplication for theater and schools

Perhaps you are a school or theater group and have filmed an event which you would then like to duplicate and distribute to the audience. We can produce multiple copies, with jacket, case and printed inlay.

Duplication options

Different options exist such as the choice of case, either jewel, slim, slim dvd or full dvd case with one or more dvds. Printing will vary depending on the case you choose and the extent of your project. You may wish or not to print on the dvd itself.

Creation of jackets

Please contact us for a detailed estimate of your project which may include graphics creation.

Delivery typically in DVD or CD audio format. Please request delivery on USB key or hard disk as required.

Other suggestions

Conversion between digital formats

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