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Working for the John Fogerty Fan Club

John Fogerty

We had the pleasure of working for the John Fogerty Fan Club in France – for those connoisseurs who know just exactly what bits to choose.

This is a good example of having an editor to work for you – the editor deals with the technicalities, you make the choices. And we help you with those choices – one way is to send you a dvd with a timecode – and then you can make the edit choices and we execute them for you.

John Fogerty Fan Club

Another way is to work on style – you send or bring us your material and with a few indications and we do the edits.

Even if you view the dvd before editing – you can still leave us carte blanche – We always validate the final version with you before final payment or duplication.

1 thought on “Working for the John Fogerty Fan Club

  1. Chris Mary

    Please contact me in regards to a sincere request for my 82 old father who is absolutely one of John’s biggest fans for decades! Our father “Bob Mary-Pittsburgh PA) is one of the most loving, hardworking and respected man on this earth. Please contact me at 724-713-1267… his son- Chris Mary . PS.. (Proud Mary’s we are! )


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