Protect And Share Your Souvenirs

8 and Super 8 transfer

Even in the digital age there are still numerous family archives hidden away in the loft which have not been seen for many years. Don’t throw them away, transfer your films and film reels into digital to be able to view them once again on a modern system such as computer, DVD, USB key or telephone. Share your old film archives with family and friends.
Matériel de duplication et d'acquisition

We use a telecinema to transfer your Super 8 and Simple 8 films to DVD or to USB key in QuickTime, MP4 or AVI format. We always edit out joins between reels before delivery and correct for colour and framing.

Videotape transfer

Relive your souvenirs in digital format

Many people still have family video tapes but no longer have the hardware to read them.
We transfer video tapes to digital from the most common formats including Hi8, DV, VHS and VHS-C et S-VHS.

Video editing depending on the source

We edit video in many ways depending on the source format and origin. For instance if you have a large quantity of video, it may be appropriate to do a reduction edit to reduce the duration down to just the essential, removing up to 2/3 of the original video

Reduction editing

A reduction edit allows us to process up to 10 hours of film and reduce it to around an hour or less. Although of course it is possible to watch 10 hours of film, it is more enjoyable to watch just the most important moments.

Souvenir Event Editing

You might be holding a party, organizing a wedding, a baptism or some other event held perhaps over several days or hours and you would like to have a souvenir video of the event. We edit your video down to less than an hour based on up to 10 hours of film, which could be from multiple sources and camera types. This means that you can ask your friends, relatives or even professionals to film your event and we take on all the editing. Event editing to create a condensed souvenir video of a wedding, birthday or other event.

Recording and editing theater plays.

We edit video recordings of theater plays of up to 2 hours which may be recorded on multiple cameras.

Family souvenirs

One of my customers expressed the importance of saving family souvenirs in the following way:

He felt that family souvenirs contribute to the foundation of a family and were thus vital to save.