Editing video

Recording and editing video for theater

Editing theater recordings

Recording and editing video for theater

We had the pleasure of recording and editing the following plays

  • Texts by Christian Descamps at the Athena local arts centre
  • 2 plays by a local company les Traiteaux Trinitains,
  • Readings by local poet Charles Lescuyer,
  • Play organised at a local old people’s home in Séné,
  • Tribulations Alcoolisées by l’Association Seconde Souffle and
  • A Portée de Choeur a charitable musical in favour of the homeless.

Image and sound recording

Some of these recordings are done quite simply with single cameras and varying sound quality. For best results, it is advisable to have several cameras ideally one central fixed camera, 2 laterals, one mobile and one on stage.

Recording sound is particularly important and requires microphones on stage linked both to the camera. For best results microphones should also be linked directly to a digital recording system such as a sound card and pc so that for editing you have image and video synchronized and an independent high quality sound source.

Ideally, a place should be recorded with multiple cameras requiring therefore multi-angle editing which enables the editor to choose the best shot and to alternate between angles so that the edit is more interesting to watch.

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