Scan Negatives

Scanning your negatives

We transfer your negatives to digital format and supply them to you on CD, DVD, USB key, hard disk or via WeTransfer.

We use a scanner which  scans at high resolution and allows you to view often for the 1st time images not seen for a considerable time aand which may have not already been printed onto photo paper

Scanning your photos to digital format can enable you to classify them, share them with your friends and family

Create a photo album of your images

Once you have your images in digital format you can also build from them a photo album such as provided online by monalbumphoto.

What better way to relive your photos in a photo album which could even be offered for for a Christmas or birthday present.

We scan at resolutions up to 7200 DPI which will enable you to enlarge your photos up to A3 and thus even print a poster.

Do not hesitate to contact us to scan your negatives to digital images.

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