Scan your paper photos


ScannerJust as with slides and negatives, we can scan your paper photos.

Scanned photos can be adjusted to restore colors to their original glory. The digital files go to make up your library of photos and create a history of photos from the past.


Create a video slideshow from your photos

While you can just maintain a library of your family’s history, you could also create an album or even a video slideshow of all the photos strung together and put to music with transitions, starting with older photos from paper source, mixed with scanned slide images and ending with recent digital photos.

Paper photos

Scan your paper photos to create a library and be able to compose a photo slideshow. You could also transfer your photos onto a digital frame and display them in your office or living room space.

Other paper documents

Some documents may not necessarily be photos, they could be vital documents that you need to keep all that you wish to transfer to an online cloud service like Evernote.

You might just want to retain document backups on your computer for security purposes, in case of fire, or just for convenience.

Other suggestions

Transfer from camcorder tape
Print Photos

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