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Video editing with Final Cut Pro

Montage video avec Final Cut Pro

Once all your video content is digital we can then edit it in many different ways and depends very much on the source.

If the source is Super 8 or Double 8, the first type of edit is really to clean up joins, correct colour and framing. As there is generally less content with Super 8 transfers there is not so great a need to reduce the volume down as their is with film from videotape.

However you may want to regroup content by subject, personality or chronological order.

Length reduction editing

A length reduction edit generally removes between two thirds and three quarters of the film in order to retain the essential content. For example a 10 hour film may be reduced to 90 minutes.

Video tape editing is much more about reducing the length down to something more watchable. Often people filmed long, probably because the camcorder was new and came at a time when children were born, baptized holding their communions.

Souvenir Event Editing

Theme or event editing such as for a wedding, birthday or baptism may well be based on recent digital material, for an event which might last a day or sometimes two and might therefore be up to 15 or 20 hours of film. A good souvenir film will be around 45 minutes and so the ratio is even higher where up to 95% of film is removed.

Obviously with such a drastic reduction, the choice of what remains is quite delicate and requires some artistic choices. A wedding edit can include multiple sources so you can be sure to get the best angle possible even if filmed by your guests.

Retained video content

The choice of video to retain may often be delicate and require choices based on aesthetics and empathy. It is therefore essential for the customer to completely review their video content in its entirety before submitting it for an edit. We produce a complete version of your content first for checking and a draft version of the edit for sign off.

Please note that for souvenir event editing such as weddings, we can take content from multiple sources enabling us to choose the best angle and therefore the best content.

Event and theater editing

We edit material captured from plays and other live events which generally last between one and two hours. The challenge here is to select the best image from multiple angles and to ensure that the overall product is fluid and agreeable to watch.

Diverse edits

Below is an example of a video edit compiled from multiple DVD sources.

Attention! Adult content!

Below is a short fun edit based on content recorded on an iPhone, edited quickly with a sound synchronization effect.

An estimate of the cost of video editing

Ask us for an estimate for your video edit from film reels, video tape or an event.

Do not hesitate to request a quotation for your video editing project whether based on captured content from super 8 reels, video tapes or digital event-based content.

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